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From Our Customers

Julia C. of Oswego, Illinois 
I AM TOTALLY AMAZED at your soaps!I know I tell you all the time how much I love the face soap [Gentle Cleanse] but this time I'm raving about the Sweet Serenity body bar - WOW! I've been using it since Monday and I'm shocked how good my skin looks AND feels - I haven't put moisturizer on since! I'm a believer ... may you NEVER stop making soap.

Debbie M. of Wheaton, Illinois
Just to let you know I love, love, love the lip balm.  I also took a bath with the bath relaxing!!  The soap with the olive oil is wonderful.  You have me hooked.  Your products are really excellent're the best!

Timothy R. of Lancaster, Ohio
Ordering just in case you are not at the Backwoods Festival this year.  We have tried many products on our dogs and this is the best soap ever!!!  Will want to really stock up should you ever decide to stop making it or change the current really works great!

Carla Q. of Jonesboro, Arkansas
Betty's company, Bella Tesori, is an excellent provider of hypoallergenic products, as well as superb moisturizing soaps that keep hands and body softer than any product I know of. These soaps make thoughtful and welcome presents for employees, wedding showers, and gifts. For dry, rough hands from gardening, there is nothing that works better. The incredible fragrances she uses in her products make them a joy to use.

Kathy M. of Columbus, Ohio
I have been using Bella Tessori products for about 3 years now, and I just love them! Sure, Betty's soaps are are made from the best ingredients, are safe & healthy, beautifully packaged and make great gifts... but I also like to arrange them in decorative baskets or boxes around the house, as they make for lovely accessories while filling the air with delicious aromas. In fact, that's what I like best about them - the scents last! They aren't "watered down" like some soaps and candles are. 


Megan F. of Chicago, Illinois
Betty's creativity allowed us to gift something unique and individualized in 2010.

Lauren M. of Chicago, Illinois
Betty's products are phenomenal and a true hidden gem. I have given several of her gorgeous baskets as gifts and have received rave results from customers.
The combination of her quality and passion shows through to every item she makes and
Bella Tesori is truly some of the best soap I have ever used.

Chris K. of Bartlettt, Illinois 
  The soaps are divine.  I mean it!  I used the Lavender Swirl.  Absolutely love it.  One of my favorite escapes is a bath.  The bar is so creamy, I kept rubbing it and rubbing it.  It was relaxing like a worry stone.  Afterwards, it didn't even look like it was used!  I swear my skin was so smooth that there wasn't any friction whatsoever but didn't have any thing on it like a lotion leaves behind. 

Rosie B. of Whangarei, New Zealand
What a blessing! The soaps are absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much. I can't wait to try one out tonight. They smell so delicious and you've done such a lovely job of packaging them too. 

Sonja S. of Chicago, Illinois
The Gentle Cleanse I must say is my favorite. I use the Gentle Cleanse on my face. I have not had any breakout since using this product. Bella Tesori Soaps are very soothing and relaxing. I am very happy to have been introduced to this product.

Holly S. of Plainfield, Illinois
I love using the lavendar soap. I find it very relaxing. I love the fragrance too.

Maryellen C. of Chicago, Illinois
I opened my first bar and was hooked. The soap was sudzee and smooth and made my skin feel great. I really like the winter and Christmas soaps and so does everyone that uses my bathroom.

Cynthia S. of Chicago, Illinois
  I used the Oatmeal Honey Orange soap for my daughter who has psoriasis. It took away all of the irritation and itching from her skin. My daughter loved the smell of the soap. She told me "Mom get some more. 


Mara A. of Plainfield, Illinois
 If you like natural & organic, you have to try these soaps! Bella Tesori Soap. Loving them!!!! Also the lime lip balm is amazing too. 


 Lacy P. of Plainfield, Illinois 
Hello Betty! I met you at the Plainfield Fest this summer and I purchased the Rinnovi Complexion Bar for my 12-year-old daughter. It cleared up her face and within a week of her running out of the soap, her face started breaking out. We need more Rinnovi STAT! I would like to purchase 3 bars please. Also, I have some skin issues as well. After a shower my face is extremely dry, but as the day goes, I get oily very quickly! I guess that would be called combo skin? I suffer from breakouts and some adult acne. Can you recommend a soap for my face as well? Also, I need 3 Peppermint Lip Balms. I have no idea how much those are. My sister LOVES your lip balm. Perhaps, I should get lip balms and soap for all of the women in my life! Great Christmas idea.